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Our OC Analytica Team comprises of an array of certified IT specialists with full range of skills and years of experience in the field that continues to refine skills to keep up with technological advancements.

Our team of full-stack digital marketing experts is eager to help you to define a unique digital solution to address your needs and thereby taking your business to the next level!

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We specialize in providing a personalized customer-oriented approach in defining solutions that assist in assessing the needs of your business. A collaborative approach allows us to thoroughly understand your needs and thereby providing solutions that work for you. The services we provide include, but are not limited to, web design, development, SEO, content writing and social media marketing. Our collaborative and diverse work experience enables us to build a successful platform for your business while targeting your audience and serving their needs efficiently in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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We Provide a Full Range of Professional Digital Marketing Services

Web Development
Graphic Designing
Content Writing
Email Marketing

Website development Services

Custom Website Development

We provide custom web development services to give you an opportunity to create a customer-friendly environment and build a UNIQUE BRAND IDENTITY

Wordpress Website Development

We provide WordPress website development services for your business needs in a cost-effective and timely manner with responsive and search engine optimized content management system.

E-Commerce Website Development

We provide the best e-commerce development service to improve your customers’ satisfaction, increase your brand visibility, availability and accessibility.

Blog Website Development

We customize blog site’s development and design based on your vision to embrace your blogging identity and make you stand out in the blogging community.

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SEO Services

Local SEO

We provide Search Engine Optimization Services to improve visibility of your business to the local prospects and customers by bringing your business to the top of Google search rankings.

International SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization services are aimed at expanding your business worldwide and gaining a global recognition by bringing your business to the top of the relevant engine search with region and language specific, SEO optimized content.

Ecommerce SEO

Our e-commerce SEO services are aimed at driving organic traffic to your eCommerce website by optimizing your product and service pages and improving Google search rankings.

Link Building

We strive to improve your business site’s visibility and increase its search engine ranking, such as Google ranking, by creating hyperlinks with other websites and directing the traffic to your business site.

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Social media marketing services


Develop the right marketing strategy to target your audience efficiently by reinforcing the relevant information about your products and services.


Posting relevant content on your social media pages keeps your customers informed about your products and helps you to build a trustworthy customer-seller relationship while improving conversion rate.


Boost your business visibility on social media channels to target new customers and increase customers’ engagement by having your posts show up on the social media feeds.

Paid Ads

Promote your business by displaying pay-per-click advertisements, influencer-generated and sponsored marketing ads to increase the conversion rate.

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Graphic Designing

Logo Designing

Create your own stunning brand to embrace uniqueness while building recognizable brand identity.

Post Design

Give your social media pages a stunning look with our eye-catching posts to attract new customers and entertain the existing ones.

Videos Animation

Make and edit interactive videos for your audience to improve customer engagement with our creative motion graphics.

Web App Designs

Need high resolution, editable graphics? We can facilitate that! From making edits to others’ work to creating graphics for your business, we can do it all.

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Blog Writing

Email Campaigns

We optimize eNewsletters with interactive content and anti-spam strategies to ensure delivery of the latest market news to your customers and, therefore, building a strong and trustworthy reputation.

Website Content Writing

Our SEO and content writing experts work closely to ensure that your website content is easy to read and SEO optimized to boost rankings and bring your business to the top of the engine search.

E-Commerce Website Writing

Our content writers create an eCommerce website content, which is informational, motivational and persuasive to spotlight your brand identity.

Landing Page Writing Services

At OC Analytica, we study the market related to your business to understand what type of products or services is at the greatest demand at a given moment.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics used to engage with existing clientele, increase sales and reinforce brand awareness. At OC Analytica, we optimize eNewsletters with interactive content and anti-spam strategies to ensure delivery of the latest market news to your customers and, therefore, building a strong and trustworthy reputation. Our team creates fully customized and customer-oriented content for your emails and eNewsletter campaigns to achieve maximum customer response and promote brand recognition. Emails and eNewsletter campaigns are proven to be an effective method for not only generating higher number of conversions but increasing customer retention rate, boosting business performance and improving customer experience. At OC Analytica, we design straight-to-the-point emails to deliver exactly what your customers are looking for to gain their attention and bring the business. Let’s set up your email campaign the right way to yield the results you are expecting.

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