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    How to list your business on Google Maps?

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    How To List Your Business On Google Maps?

    How to list your business on Google Maps?

    Get your Presence:

    If you have just entered the world of business, getting your presence known by the public and more importantly by the virtuoso of your niche becomes an intricate task. But thanks to handy assistance from search engines like Google, this has become a lot easier than before. There are millions of small businesses around the world that are on Google Maps, and customers use Google Maps every day to find them.

    “I’m a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Maps.

    For any local business, the biggest challenge is getting found. Word of mouth may drive business but it’s being found in local search that really makes a big difference. The best way to do just that is to get listed on Google Maps aka Google My Business, which is Google’s own dashboard for managing a local business’s information on Google properties, such as maps and Google+.

    Create Gmail account and linked it Google My Business:

    The first thing that you need to do is to determine whether or not you have a Google account. This account does not need to be a Gmail account necessarily. In fact, it can be with just about any email address. For GMB to work, your Google Account must be associated with the location you are trying to add or manage. If you do not have a Google account associated with your business, create one. This account will be linked to the Google My Business dashboard you are creating.

    Google My Business dashboard:

    The next thing you are supposed to do is to find Google My Business dashboard. You can do that just by typing in www.google.com/business to go to Google My Business. A start now icon will appear which will lead you to the whole process of getting your business listed on Google Maps. This helps your customers know more about you and your service. Not only that they will be able to see the correct whereabouts of your business but also, they will be able to rate and review your business on this platform.

    Enter your business name or contact:

    Enter your business name or contact on the search bar to know if your business is already listed or not. If there are no results matching you will need to go to “add your business” hyperlink right across on your screens.

    Categorize your Business:

    The first thing is to categorize your business. That is the niche or a specific group your business belongs to. Although Google allows you to choose more than one class for your business to fall into, it is a better idea to choose only one category. Using more than one will not help your ranking at all.

    Fill the Details:

    Next you will have to fill the right and accurate details regarding your business on the specified spaces provided. This will include the business address, phone number and the category your business falls under. Also, if you provide home deliveries, do fill in that area too, with all the details of the areas you deliver to.

    Agree terms and conditions:

    Confirm by checking the box and clicking the confirm icon. This will help Google know that you agree with their terms and conditions and also that you are legally in authority to list this business and edit its information anytime you wish. As legally, it is necessary for Google to confirm that you are the legitimate owner or authorized employee of the business.


    Next up is the verification steps. Google will either send you an email or call you (that is up to your choice) and give a six-digit code for verification. This is to ensure that you are a legitimate part of the business that you are listing. There are also various other options for verification like being a registered website owner in Search Console or having a domain-based email address that matches the listing’s domain.

    Click the “Enter code” box on the top of your My Business dashboard. The “Enter code” box is located in the blue highlighted box at the top of your page. It is directly to the right of a message that says “Google has sent your verification code to you”. Type the six-digit verification code you received from Google into the box and click “Submit”.

    Take a tour to a Dashboard:

    Taking a tour of your dashboard is a good choice to make. It will help you in knowing how things work on Google and how you can make your presence better in future.

    Edit your business Information:

    At the top of your dashboard and to the right of the title of your business, click on the red “Edit” box. Edit your business information so that your customers can learn more information about your business and view pictures of your business.

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