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      What We Do

      Understand who is your client and deliver what they really need

      AT OCAnalytica

      Our working process

      provide web solutions and design services with professional developers whose working process is so easy and always ready to fulfill development needs.

      Sit back, Relax and

      Watch your business growing

      All you need to do is just sit back, relax, and watch your business grow from the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or iPhone.

      What digital marketing platforms and software are you familiar with? add remove

      We are fluent in programs for social media, content marketing and paid search. For social media, we use software like Agorapulse and Hootsuite for scheduling posts, engaging with followers and developing monthly reports. For content marketing, we use Ahrefs for keyword research and WordPress for content management and publishing. We are also certified in paid search platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

      Do you think inbound or outbound marketing is more effective? add remove

      In our experience, inbound and outbound marketing are essential complements of each other. Companies need inbound strategies like social media and blog content to interest customers on their terms, and they need outbound strategies like email marketing and paid search ads to attract clients more directly. Together, these two aspects can form a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

      Can you describe one of your most successful campaigns? add remove

      We led our most successful campaign earlier this year when we worked with a client that required a complete marketing funnel to sell a new product. We worked with the client to build each stage of the funnel, recruited an experienced team to create each aspect, and managed every part of the project. In the end, we exceeded the revenue goal by 150%, which caused the client to hire our company for its next digital marketing projects.

      How do we know when a campaign is not successful? add remove

      Our least successful campaign happened last year when we worked with a client on a social media campaign centered on the holiday season. The campaign achieved only 50%, of its brand awareness goal, which we attributed to the budget being too small and the goals being too high. While leading this project, we learned how to be more realistic when setting goals and proactive when attempting to fix campaigns that are not performing as expected.

      What is the most serious challenge for digital marketers today? add remove

      In our opinion, the biggest challenge for digital marketers is generating great results in an increasingly crowded marketplace. To continue to be competitive in the market, We think digital marketers need to dedicate at least 15%, of their work time to monitoring new trends and experimenting with new techniques. By tracking new developments and trying innovative methods, the best digital marketers can succeed even as the digital marketing landscape changes quickly.

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        We help to increase business advantages like development, website ranking, Graphic content, and Customer Care.

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