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    Why do your competitors rank higher and how to outrank them?

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    Why do your competitors rank higher and how to outrank them?

    Why do your competitors rank higher and how to outrank them?

    The moment you set foot into the world of business you will greet high levels of competency no matter how unique your idea or business is. Now that you are into the cyber space of businesses, you will see that high rankings on search engines becomes your foremost aim. If lots of people are competing against you for a spot in Google’s top 10, it means that the search term in question has the potential to generate a lot of money. You might be thinking of a ranking for your dream keyword that will bring you lots of traffic and leads. But these dreams are soon crushed when you realize that there are big guns who are already sitting where you want to be. Have you ever asked yourself why your competitor’s website ranks so much higher on Google?

    “Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.”

    Most websites use Search Engine Optimization for getting high rankings on Google. But even after concerted efforts to improve their rankings, many websites are left scratching their heads as to why they’re not getting the results they want. The fact is that rankings for your target keywords matter. Firstly, one needs to understand what Google seeks in a website to rank it higher. Google is trying to provide its users with trustworthy results from reputable websites that answer their query, while also providing a relatively good user experience. If your competitor ranks higher, something is leading the search engine to believe that your content is inferior for satisfying user intent. SEO is all about creating and improving content for search users while also giving Google every reason to serve your content over your competitors.

    Why do your competitors rank higher and how to outrank them?

    Another reason that might snatch away your limelight and place it on some other website is the fact that Google simply does not find you trustworthy enough. Intent is really important, but search engines also want to serve content from websites that they deem to be trustworthy and reputable. Google judges trustworthiness by evaluating brand signals and a website’s backlink profile. You can improve you brand signal in many ways such as:


    Making other websites link back to you is also an effective way to improve your rankings. Across the Internet, every single link which points back to your website is considered a backlink. Google looks at how many backlinks your site has as well as the quality and relevance of the links pointing to your site. If a website links to yours, they’re essentially vouching for you. Generally speaking, with more backlinks, your site has a better chance of being perceived as trustworthy.

    Take a peek at your competitors

    You can’t stay ahead of the competition if you don’t stay updated with what they are doing. Keep a list of a few of your main competitors and check things like their website, blog, reviews and social media on a regular basis. Make sure you are doing equally as much in your online activities as your competition and, if you notice things they are doing wrong, make sure you are not making those same mistakes.

    Keyword is the key to success

    There are many different ways to find keywords that your competitors are ranking for. But let’s say you know the keyword you want to target. If you don’t conduct detailed keyword research and just went ahead to target your competitor’s keyword, you’ll probably end up not ranking for it. A proper keyword research will assist you in new keywords relevant to your niche and that are highly profitable as well. And targeting those keywords can help you rank much better than targeting just a single keyword where the chances of you ranking on top are hard.

    Speed matters

    Most web owners overlook the importance of speeding up their site as they are too busy in concentrating over content. This is a huge negligence. More loading time will reduce your ranking by 7%. And optimizing your site-speed isn’t that hard you may use several tools to test your website and it’s good to go. These tools will show you how fast is your website and what things you need to do to make your site faster.

    The Social Media Power

    It is indeed the times of social media in all regards. Even as a business person you cannot negate its influence over people. There are many social media channels where you can promote your website and content. But it is important that you promote your content properly. Just be aware of what social media platforms your rivals are using and keep a close check on your own social media performance. Summon finest and creative content for your page and you will find people flocking towards your site in no time.

    These were some pro-tips to out speed your competitors in the race of rankings. Of course, you can come up with new ideas and strategies because becoming a standout has no hard and fast rule. Once you are able to perform above mentioned tasks correctly you will see definite changes in your site’s performance. Good luck!

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