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    Why is WordPress better than all other CMS?

    On the contrary CMS provides you the opportunity to host your website, manage it and control it the way you want to do it with complete freedom and authority.
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    Why Is WordPress Better Than All Other CMS?

    Why is WordPress better than all other CMS?

    What is a content management system?

    If you are into the world of content writing or are a well-researched willing-to-be content writer you must be familiar with content management systems aka CMS. It is a system that provides you with a gateway to publish your posts or content on pages. Precisely it helps you own your personal website development which you can use to promote, write, sell or turn it into anything of your own interest. CMS are quite different in their services from the rest of the site building servers who do not offer much control to you over your own website. On the contrary CMS provides you the opportunity to host your website, manage it and control it the way you want to do it with complete freedom and authority.

    WordPress is, by Far, The Most Used CMS

    Currently we have three major CMS operating known as WORDPRESS, JHOOMLA and DRUPAL. All three of them have distinct features and qualities and have their own pros and cons. Over here we are going to discuss however, about what makes WordPress the best CMS amongst all and takes it one step higher in the race.

    Let us first look into some statistics. WordPress since its initiation has been able to engage 60.1% of the CMS market and owns 31.7% of the worldwide web. The success of it stands on some key reliable features that makes WordPress standout.

    “Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

    Create Anything, For Anyone

    The first thing that attracts a content creator or a web developer is the no-money-spent notion. WordPress is free for all and is an open source of codes that can be installed by anyone, anywhere. Plus, it has a very simple layout and all the WordPress developers here must know that creating a website with a simple layout is easier and handy. Most CMS around require a subscription or purchasing while WordPress is free of cost. Also, as it is an open source this means that it is not static but dynamic and open to change. Anyone can update and modify it making it constantly advancing and updating.

    Why is WordPress better than all other CMS?

    WordPress was focused on blogging, but new updates have added more features and most amazing plugins library. The software is now a full-scale CMS and is frequently used to design powerful websites. WordPress is easy to use, it has a huge community around it, and there plugins available for almost every scenario. Here are some WordPress’s standout features include in WordPress Version 5.6 by our experts:


    Plans That Fit Your Needs

    WordPress knows how to cater to the needs of all. Whether you are a new developer or an experienced one, all your answers will be available on WordPress. For all the newbies out there, you will find excellent tutorials on the site to start your own website in the easiest of ways. There are user groups and forums created for all the queries and problems solved in no time. Both new and experienced users can get uninterrupted support for problems, questions, and issues about using WordPress and its complexities.

    Easy to use

    WordPress offers an endless archive of plug-ins and themes that can be installed by a user on his WordPress dashboard. This means that you can actually make your website a virtual heaven in several ways as per your liking. These themes not only allow you to control the layout of your website but also has options like management of text and other content on it. So, whether you are a blogger or a business person, themes available on WordPress will allow you to make a customized platform from where you can lead.


    The web developers are well aware of the importance of plug-ins for a website. They are tiny codes that help in building a site in the first place. WordPress has unlimited and variety of plug-ins that can be downloaded and used to make a state-of-the-art website for your target audience. In addition to that these plug-ins authorize you to carry out collaboration and project management. All sorts of content creators will find their ultimate tools for content management on WordPress without any tiresome efforts.

    SEO Integration 

    As a website owner you will get to know that as your work evolves and expands there is need to make alterations in your page as well. Every day the advancements in the world of business and technology does not oblige us to work with something that is static or unchangeable and WordPress is anything but that. Its flexibility and adaptability are one of the best features that makes it the finest CMS amongst others. As mentioned earlier there is an endless variety of codes, themes and plug-ins available on WordPress which enables the user to change or add any theme or code as per the requirement of the time.

    Great Support

    Due to its immense popularity and huge market share WordPress has a strong and vibrant global community and it has linked itself in all industries. It powers some highly popular websites such as of New York Times, CNN, Forbes and Reuters. The WordPress user interface is very simple. It offers less options than your Facebook news feed and you can achieve most things with simple mouse clicks, such as updating your site. Content creation is super easy and does not take much effort from the developer.


    WordPress search engine optimization is extremely good and amazing with features like custom URLs and SEO-friendly mark-up. That’s probably part of the reason why it was endorsed by important people at Google. In addition to that some plugins give the user complete control over every factor of SEO.

    With adaptability as its key feature WordPress is available in several languages so each of us can choose their native, preferred language which makes it ideal for multilinguals.

    So, if you are seeking user-friendly, flexible and a never-ending market of plug-ins for your website, WordPress is your solution and should be your terminal to stop at. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

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